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Link Manages Structured Documents

Link seamless combines structured and validated data grids, spreadsheets, images, attachments, videos, chat, and task lists in a simple interface.

Features Of Link

  • Structural Design

    Management of Structured Documents. Easy and universal organization of documents, such as Wikipedia. Interactivity of the work team as Google Documents. Strict data management, connected to a database, wherever needed.

  • Collaborative

    With Link, the product team can read and edit the same version of the document at the same time, with any device. Every document has a chat thread, and you can even chat about specific sections of a document. You can communicate without email.

  • Integrated Workflow

    The required activities are traced by a workflow system, which allows you to define the task list for single users or groups. A simple and effective dashboard is available for the process monitoring.

  • Multi device

    Link works on your tablet as well as on your smartphone or desktop. Link runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

  • Data Base Integration

    The data are syncronized in a Relational Data Base, as MS SQL Server, Oracle, and Postgres. You can leverage your favorite reporting or BI system to access the information.

  • History

    Documents, chats and tasks are strictly tracked. An history of all the operations and activities is available at any time.


Kubix Link is a suite of several applications, built on a common framework. Underlying everything is LinkLAB, which groups the functions and common rules for the configuration and management of the structured documents. The engine is completed with messaging and workflow. LinkLAB is the core. On these solid foundations, we design some applications as:

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